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Easy DIY Dog Puzzle

Looking for a way to stimulate your dog but don't want to spend $50+ dollars on a puzzle? Here is a little doggie puzzle DIY brought to you from The Crate Escape LA. All you need is a shoe box, your dogs favorite treats, and an old t-shirt or newspaper. First you’re going to cut up the t-shirt, newspaper (i used paper bags) and fill the box. Next you’re going to add the different treats/toys.

When you initially give your dog the box you can make your dog’s job easier by leaving the top open. Once your dog has the idea, start increasing the challenge by closing the top of the box or spreading multiple boxes around the room. The more boxes your dog has to search through, the more effort required.

This is also a great scent work exercise and a way to tell how food motivated your dog is for training moving forward. Share this video to help cure doggie boredom today and Like The Crate Escape for more.

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