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Our 60 minute group hikes are an excellent option for dogs that have moderate to high energy levels. Dog Hikes offer plenty of physical activity, healthy socialization and surroundings that stimulate their senses. We will also send a text message confirming they are home safe along with pictures of their activities throughout their time with the pack. 

Round trip averages 90 mins

Pick up is from 8 AM - 9 AM

Each additional dog: $15/Hike

All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations and be well socialized with other dogs in order to join.​​



2x Week 

3x Week 

4x Week 

5x Week





$208 yearly savings!

$624 yearly savings!

$1,248 yearly savings!

$2,080 yearly savings!

subscriptions billed monthly


Where will my dog be hiked?

We like to switch up our hiking routing to keep the dogs interested. Depending on where most of our furry friends are from that day we will be hiking on Coldwater Canyon, Fryman Canyon, Canyon Back, or Aliso Canyon. 

How many dogs will my dog be with?

Our packs are between 2-5 dogs.

How long are the hikes?

Dog Hikes are 60mins long, not including pick-up or drop-off times.
Total roundtrip time averages 90mins.

I have a puppy, may they join on hikes?

Puppies are welcome, the following list includes requirements for all dogs to join any Dog Day group activities.​

  • Up-to-date on all vaccinations 

  • Spayed or neutered

  • 4 months or older

  • Dogs must be treated regularly with flea/tick meds.

  • MUST be well socialized and get along with all dogs.

When are hikes offered?

Dog Hikes are Monday through Friday. Booking 24hrs in advance is required. Space is limited.

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